Extending the life of apron feeders

December 20, 2017

An apron feeder suffers significant wear during its lifetime. FLSmidth’s specially designed impact rollers can improve the performance and extend the life of an apron feeder installation.

Apron feeders play an important role in a cement plant’s production line, extracting bulk materials from under a dump hopper or regulating the feed of heavy bulk materials to a crusher. FLSmidth’s AFD series of feeders can cater for capacities of over 12,000 tonnes per hour. This production capacity, coupled with high-impact, heavy materials, can compromise the lifespan of a feeder. This can be improved with new maintenance-free rollers.

Roller upgrade
The new range of rollers can be retrofitted to all types of FLSmidth Apron Feeders and to most third-party feeders. The first installation of the new support rails and rollers takes approximately one week. Newly designed support rails are provided with the new rollers.

Benefits include:

  • Prolonging the lifetime of bearings and rollers
  • Improving apron feeder reliability
  • Reducing maintenance downtime
  • Eliminating the need for lubrication
  • Reducing the wear of lamellas
  • Providing easy replacement of one or more rollers

Fast replacement
Subsequent roller replacements can be executed in one or two days, ideally suited for a normal maintenance stop. Rollers can be replaced without moving the apron feeder from its location to perform the upgrade, requiring only minor disassembly of lamellas from the feeder.

The simple design allows fast replacement involving:

  • Removing approximately half of the apron feeder lamellas
  • Removing the complete lubrication system
  • Removing all existing rollers, including support frame
  • Installing new roller support assembly
  • Inserting rollers where required
  • Re-installing the apron feeder lamellas 

Optimised design
With integrated bearings and tight sealing, the design ensures high performance even in dusty environments. The concentration of rollers can be optimised to cater for the load in a particular area of the feeder. The roller support system is equipped with pre-greased roller bearings, labyrinth shaft seals and steel dust covers on both sides. Pre-greasing prolongs the lifetime of the bearings and removes the need for an external lubrication system or additional piping.

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