Vietnam’s largest cement plant takes shape

October 7, 2016 RENÉ H. JENSEN

Construction of South East Asia’s largest cement plant is progressing quickly. With an expected production start in late 2017, the Vietnam-based plant, owned by the Xuan Thanh Group, will be capable of producing 12,500 tonnes of clinker per day.

The construction project at the giant new plant started soon after the contract was signed with the Xuan Thanh Group in May 2015. Excavation and foundation work began onsite in August 2015 and advanced according to plan.

FLSmidth was originally contracted for the plant’s engineering, procurement and civil design, which is now in the final stages. As of September 2016, civil construction is progressing very well.

About half of the concrete work is completed and erection of the steel structure is advancing well. The project has now moved into the next stage where mechanical erection onsite has started and electrical erection is scheduled to start later this year. FLSmidth is also assisting with onsite supervision.

The first major shipments of equipment have reached the site and approximately 60 percent of the equipment supplied by FLSmidth has been shipped. Shipment of equipment will continue during the rest of 2016.

Great teamwork
One of the key success factors of the project so far has been coordination between the parties. Close teamwork between FLSmidth and Xuan Thanh is required to ensure the project remains on schedule, says René Jensen.

“We’ve enjoyed excellent cooperation throughout the project, which has really made things easier. We meet on a regular basis to discuss the current status and any outstanding questions and issues and to make any necessary adjustments for the next steps.” - René Jensen, FLSmidth’s Project manager

Solutions for big challenges
All large cement plant projects involve careful logistical planning and coordination. But for the Xuan Thanh project, the size of the equipment has presented unique logistics challenges.

“We’re used to working with large equipment, but this is different – everything is simply bigger,” says René Jensen, FLSmidth’s project manager. “The size of the equipment definitely gives us some unique logistics challenges.”

Barges are being used for the transportation through the river system.

Special cargo vessels are needed to ship the large equipment from various manufacturing facilities around the world to Vietnam. The vessels are so large that they cannot access Haiphong port, which is the port of entry in Vietnam.

Since the plant is located next to the Day River, which is wide enough to accommodate cargo barges, Xuan Thanh Group is using barges for the final leg of the transportation through the river system. The barges meet the cargo ships off the coast of Haiphong at Halong Roads. The equipment is transferred onto the barges, which then shuttle the equipment up the Day River to the plant site. This has proved to be a highly effective solution, also because it cuts the need
for road transportation. Much of the equipment is too heavy and over-sized to be transported by road from Haiphong to the site.

Among the world’s largest cement plants
Based in Ninh Binh, Vietnam, the Xuan Thanh Group is one of Vietnam’s key cement producers. Xuan Thanh contracted FLSmidth to supply equipment for its new 12,500 tpd cement plant, located approximately 100 km south of Hanoi, Vietnam – a region rich with limestone and clay. The new cement plant will be the largest in South East Asia and one of the very largest cement plants in the world.

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