TRIBOMAX® wear solution

April 12, 2016 Avanish Karrahe

The current orders and interest are testimony to the great potential of the TRIBOMAX wear surface and how it can improve roller press reliability and performance.

The TRIBOMAX® wear protection solution is fast gaining momentum. Together with FLSmidth’s new hydraulic roller press concept, the TRIBOMAX wear surface is designed to reduce the
complexity in roller press installation and maintenance and can deliver up to twice the grinding capacity at significantly lower energy consumption for selected upgrade projects.

In addition to four current orders from cement plants in Thailand, USA and India, FLSmidth is responding to many new enquiries for the TRIBOMAX wear surface across the world.

“The current orders and interest are testimony to the great potential of the TRIBOMAX wear surface and how it can improve roller press performance.” - Avanish Karrahe, Global Product Line Manager, HRP Systems, FLSmidth

Better roller press performance
Wear resistance is critical for the performance of the rollers in a roller press. As pioneers in grinding technology, FLSmidth introduced the TRIBOMAX wear solution to increase resistance to wear caused by feed materials such as raw materials, clinker and slag. With an unprecedented resistance to tramp metals, the TRIBOMAX surface is a significant improvement over conventional hardfacing and other wear solutions. This results in efficient, durable and consistent operations and maintenance benefits.

Ultimate wear resistance
The TRIBOMAX wear surface gives FLSmidth’s roller press rollers a guaranteed wear life for clinker grinding, slag and raw mix. A highly cost-effective solution, which reduces the total cost of ownership of hydraulic roller presses. The unique wear resistance properties means it requires significantly less intermittent repair than other wear solutions.

TRIBOMAX® surface after 11,000 hours of clinker grinding

• Wear life of minimum 25,000 hours, and up to 40,000 hours
• Limited or no repairs needed throughout the guaranteed lifetime
• Outstanding resistance towards tramp metal and surface overloading
• Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) welding technology for high precision and controlled low energy input
• Built-in roughness on the surface to maintain power draw
• No need for wear surface profiling
• Shrink-fit sleeve or direct application on roller shaft.

Read how TRIBOMAX®wear surface boosts HRP performance in Aalborg Portland

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