The new ECS/ControlCenter™ V8 process control system

February 1, 2015 Jan Schilling

FLSmidth recently released the brand new ECS/ControlCenter™ V8 process control system for the cement and minerals industries. It is now even better than before – more intuitive and simpler to use thanks to a new, modern and user-friendly design

Trend-setter for modern users
In line with current trends, the latest release of the ECS/ControlCenter software is developed with focus on usability and making things easy to do. This marks a departure from many years of traditional engineering of the system through technical tools. 

The intention is to make everyday tasks easier to do – not only for operators, but also for the system maintenance engineers – by simplifying the most common tasks so that deep technical knowledge is not required. This will allow the users to focus on solving their tasks, rather than figuring out how to work the system.

FLSmidth’s ECS/ControlCenter V8 software has just been released

The perfect fit
The ECS/ControlCenter solution is tailor-made for the cement and minerals industries. It offers the best combination of high-quality standards combined with the necessary flexibility to adapt to ever-changing conditions on the plant.

Based on FLSmidth’s more than 25 years of experience in automating large production plants, all our control system solutions come with “knowledge built-in”. Learning from previous projects, gathering experience and listening to feedback has enabled FLSmidth to make a control system that fits perfectly to customers’ needs.

As always, the ECS/ControlCenter software delivers the reliability, scalability and user-friendliness production plants need to be operated effectively.

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Beauty is in the details
The previous version of the ECS/ControlCenter software was already a very strong solution. So what makes the new version even better?

By carefully inspecting every part of the system, FLSmidth has identified missing features and identified opportunities for incremental improvements.

Through a unique combination of programming skills, experience in developing control system software, engineering and commissioning expertise and a very close relationship with customers, FLSmidth has been able to develop a new modern version of the control system launched more than 25 years ago.

The platform
Through five years of development – including two years of site testing to ensure high quality utilising the latest technologies and new effective programming paradigms, this is a product prepared for the future.

The system is built for better integration between different products on large installations, while at the same time avoiding annoying constraints and version dependencies. Combined with a strong server-client foundation, the new solutions will be perfect for implementation in a virtual environment such as VMware.

Watch videos on the ECS/ControlCenter here>>

Product details
For operators, the system will seem much more intuitive and complete, with all functionality contained in one common “portal”, rather than a selection of “tools”. The new system is much more user-focused and provides a simplified operator environment with easy login and a personalised user environment.

For example, each operator can choose a specific role such as “mill operator”, which will present only information relevant to the mill areas. This will improve focus on what really matters, without the confusion and potential information overload from areas handled by the other operators.

The system will also be available in a simplified version for touch control, for example for machine control out on the plant floor. This provides a uniform look and feel across the systems. Linking these decentralised control systems with an overall process control system requires minimum engineering and will provide easy access to all parts of the system directly from the central control room.

The ECS/ControlCenter solution still comes with built-in high-performance communication drivers for Siemens, Rockwell and Schneider process controllers (PLCs) as well as OPC to allow for flexible hardware selection, while retaining the same user interface.

PLC programming is still required, but utilising the ECS/ACESYS function block library will encapsulate most of the complexity, leaving mostly interlocking to the programmer. It also provides DCS-like functionality and advanced faceplates with direct access to detailed diagnostics.

The ECS/ControlCenter software offers a modern, user-friendly environment for operators

What’s next?
The development of FLSmidth’s products never stops. The next release of the ECS/ControlCenter software and the supporting ECS/ACESYS library is planned for spring 2015 and will include improved focus on functional safety and full alarm management based on the ISA 18.2 standard. FLSmidth is continuously working on making its products even better – for the benefit of customers.

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