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June 19, 2014 Anilkumar Mukundan

Mangalam Cement Limited approached FLSmidth for an upgrade of its Morak-based cement plant in Rajasthan, India. The main objectives of the upgradation project were to modernise the plant, boost cement production and reduce specific power and fuel demand.


The cement plant at Morak has two pyro-processing systems. Line 1, the one to be upgraded, was producing 1,800 tpd of clinker and consuming a high amount of fuel and power per tonne clinker produced. The FLSmidth team worked closely with Mangalam Cement in studying the existing plant and developing an optimal upgrade solution taking both technical and commercial aspects into consideration.

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Thorough review of the process
The project included installing new equipment for the preheater, cooler, raw mill and coal mill sections (see table 1). A modern Cross-Bar cooler was chosen to eliminate the bottleneck of the pyro system and boost throughput. ATOX vertical mills were chosen to make raw meal and coal grinding more energy-efficient. A detailed mass balance analysis was carried out to plan the necessary modifications of the up-stream and downstream equipment.

The existing preheater and the raw mill venting system were retained as they were. However, the extra gases emitted from the preheater tower and the new raw mill are now vented through a new fabric filter.

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ATOX Coal mill & New ATOX Raw mill


Strong cooperation and close teamwork
FLSmidth not only provided the mentioned equipment changes, but also, in close collaboration with Mangalam Cement, provided all the necessary engineering support. A flexible attitude towards the work and a trustful relationship between the parties resulted in a successful upgrade project that reached completion on time. See table 2 for the operational parameters before and after the project. 

Superior quality and high reputation

“The erection was executed well with the full coordination and cooperation of the team from FLSmidth. With their efforts and their team, the plant was commissioned and established in record time” - Mr. S.S. Jain, President, Mangalam Cement

He continues: “We at Mangalam Cement are happy with the performance and within a short period they could clear the performance guarantee. FLSmidth is available for further improvements and will share any new technological development with Mangalam Cement for further improving the performance. We are extremely happy with the FLSmidth cooperation and equipment”.

Mangalam Cement is now planning to upgrade the second line as well.

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