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January 5, 2017 KING BECERRA

New version of the FLSmidth ECS/ProcessExpert® software helps cement plant operators improve plant efficiency and profitability

Cement plant operators face the continuing challenge of trying to reduce production costs while increasing the output of high-quality product. In their daily work, this requires constant supervision and understanding of the process conditions, knowing what adjustments to make and when to make them. The complex dynamics and interactions among the process variables make the task of controlling a kiln or a mill (plus the drain on energy and resources) significant.

With the latest version of the FLSmidth ECS/ProcessExpert® system, operators now have the most modern advanced process control system available to help them optimise key cement production processes.

Developed to help achieve greater operational stability and better production throughput and quality, the ECS/ProcessExpert 8.3 balances equipment loads and manages process disruptions, reducing the need for manual involvement.

Intelligent system
This next-generation system provides important time-saving capabilities. These include several advanced multiple process control technologies, such as model predictive control and fuzzy logic, and the intelligence to select which technology to apply to a given issue.

Adding a new cement recipe has traditionally been a time-consuming task, as it required adjusting the advanced process control strategy. With the ECS/ProcessExpert 8.3, it is easy to configure how a new recipe should be handled, which makes it easier to add recipes on the fly.

Fast decision-making
Intelligent process objects integrate process and control engineering knowledge into proven standardised applications that are easier to maintain. A dynamic strategic decision tree shows operators exactly what actions the advanced process control system is taking, allowing them to easily understand the intentions of the system and the reasoning behind them. The strategic decision tree is closely integrated with the standard operating procedures at the plant.

A full decision tree on the system’s front page gives operators a better understanding of the controller actions and can even provide verbal explanations of the actions.

The full picture
Enhanced full plots on the front page allow operators to easily see all actuator actions and all measurement responses to that given action. This provides a more complete understanding of what the active controller is doing and the reasons behind the decisions.

The ECS/ProcessExpert solution also enables operators to develop a uniform operation strategy that outlines the best way to run the plant. Once this strategy has been established, training new operators becomes much easier.

Designed for today’s challenges
Operators are constantly pushing to do better and reach new targets. With its intelligent ability to make adjustments more frequently and reliably than a human operator, the ECS/ProcessExpert system is the ‘ultimate assistant’ in stabilising operations, managing and correcting process disruptions and minimising wear on equipment.

Implementing ECS/ProcessExpert 8.3 is relatively simple, yet it quickly offers big savings. A plant with an ECS/ProcessExpert system is ideally positioned to improve and adapt so that it can lead the way in system performance for many years to come.

The main page of the new FLSmidth ECS/Process Expert 8.3

Advanced process control technologies
Over the last decade, the consolidation of advanced process control technologies has resulted in the optimisation of cement processes, enabling cement plants to improve productivity, improve equipment protection, increase energy efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Advanced process control technologies cover a broad range of process control tools and methodologies to help solve multivariable or discrete control problems. Such systems reduce process oscillations and help stabilise operations, enabling cement plants to improve production throughput and quality.

User-friendliness is paramount in a modern  advanced process control system. ECS/ProcessExpert 8.3 allows the operator to easily navigate through the system - King Becerra, Global Product Line Manager at FLSmidth Automation

Advantages of ECS/Process Expert 8.3
• A well-proven eight-step methodology describes all necessary development activities required to ensure accurate implementation and meet all customer expectations.
• The system has already proven its ability to boost production and quality in many different settings, while at the same time lowering energy and resource consumption.
• The configurable, open solution allows customers to develop their own strategies depending on their specific objectives.


King Becerra

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