Significant reduction in power consumption for FLSmidth® Cross-Bar® Cooler

February 23, 2015 Carsten Damslund Jensen

Optimisation study results in design updates to reduce pressure drop in the cooler for all new installations

Reducing the pressure drop for the FLSmidth® Cross-Bar® cooler, with an eye toward lowering the power consumption of the undergrate fans, was targeted as part of FLSmidth’s continuous product improvement initiatives. The project goal – defined by an optimisation study based on field experience and customer feedback – was to reduce power consumption by 20%. This optimisation is made while having no impact on the FLSmidth Cross-Bar cooler's market leading efficiency and performance.

Reducing pressure loss
The cooler fans – used for cooling and heat recuperation - account for 85% of the total energy consumption. Modifications were made to reduce fan power consumption, including modifications of the cooler casing duct system. 

The central focus of the study, however, was on power consumption improvement through reducing pressure loss, including modifications to the grate plates (Air Distribution Plates or ADP). Special attention was given to flow patterns within the grate plates, which were known to cause a significant part of the total pressure drop due to the design. New design possibilities were studied and a solution that reduced pressure drop was implemented in a revised design, which provided approximately 80% of the total power savings. 

CFD modelling used to evaluate the impact of design modifications on pressure drop

The solution has been tested and validated at the FLSmidth Dania research facility, where a complete FLSmidth Cross-Bar cooler installation acts as a test rig for continued product and process improvements.  In the end, the project goal of reducing power consumption by 20% was achieved.

The image below shows how the pressure drop has been reduced over the range of air flows.

Pressure drop versus air flow

Going forward
The updated design will now be included with all new FLSmidth Cross-Bar coolers going forward. This will provide the end users with a more energy-efficient cooler with the benefit of reduced undergrate fan power consumption.  In addition to new coolers, this updated design could also be retrofitted to existing FLSmidth Cross-Bar coolers as evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Since its inception in 1997, FLSmidth has sold over 300 Cross-Bar coolers.  This latest project to reduce power consumption is part of FLSmidth’s continuous product development efforts to improve and evolve the Cross-Bar cooler design based on operating experience and feedback from our customers.   

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