Pumping up the Power

Based on proven technology, FLSmidth’s newly developed DHAF fan handles all the demands of today’s cement plants for durability, cost efficiency and easier installation.

DHAF 250 Full-size AMCA Test at workshop

FLSmidth’s double-suction HAF (DHAF) fan is a new-generation, highly efficient fan designed specifically for cement plants. The result of a two-year development project, the DHAF fan is a development of FLSmidth’s HAF fan, which has been widely used in cement plants since 1980. With a much higher flow rate and efficiency level than conventional HAF fans, the DHAF can be put to use in kilns, dryer crushers, raw mills, OK™ mills, coal mills, and other high-capacity applications. 

Technological advances
The launch of the DHAF fan marks a significant expansion of FLSmidth’s fan range, and it meets the growing demand for fans that can deliver high performance and excellent efficiency. The latest three-dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation technologies were used in designing and optimising the fan to meet market requirements. 

Jens Harmundal Petersen, Chief Product Engineer at FLSmidth says the fan has been designed specifically to withstand the harsh conditions of cement plants. 

“It is particularly suitable for use in the pyro and grinding processes,”he says. “The double-suction technology that we have added to the HAF fan means that a single installation can easily generate the flows required by today’s modern cement plant equipment. Standard HAF fans do not have the necessary power to  generate these flows.”

Standardised installation
Not only will the highly efficient DHAF fan help to reduce operational costs and energy consumption, but it will also save on installation costs. 

“Since the fan is contained in a single unit, there are fewer parts to install" - Jens Harmundal Petersen, Chief Product Engineer at FLSmidth 

“For example, the fan’s rotor part is delivered assembled, including coupling, bearings and cool disk, and the inlet cone is supplied with an adjustment tool for easy adjustment of the inlet cone position,”he says, adding, “Combined with its competitive pricing, this gives the DHAF a lower total installation cost than previous similar solutions.”

Model testing at FLSmidth´s Dania R&D centre and full-size workshop testing have shown impressive results, with efficiencies consistently higher than conventional HAF fans. And as the DHAF has been developed by FLSmidth, customers can have quick access to product documentation and basic data, such as outline and load drawings and motor data. “This means manufacturing can begin earlier and we can deliver the product faster,”says Jens Harmundal Petersen.

FLSmidth’s DHAF fans are available in 10 standard sizes with impeller diameters ranging from 1.8 to 5.5 metres. The first two DHAF fans have been commissioned at a plant in Asia.

DHAF fan key features
•    Design range of 60 to 900 m3/s at 5,000 to 25,000 Pa 
•    The new shaft cone improves fan performance and protects the shaft against wear 
•    Equal inlet and outlet velocity eliminates need for a diffuser
•    All DHAF fans can be delivered with different degrees of wear protection for the impeller and fan casing
•    Special hub wear protection protects the hub and the hub bolts
•    DHAF fans are prepared for the active control balancing system
•    The bearings have a calculated lifetime of at least 100,000 hours
•    The rotor is manufactured in Europe to the highest quality standards

Fan design
OK Mill filter fan
Pressure total: 9475 Pa
Volume flow: 186 m3/s
Efficiency: 87.7%

Fans ordered to date
3 ID fans
2 Raw Mill fans
1 Dryer crusher fan
10 OK™ mill filter fan

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