Orient Cement’s HRP in action

July 10, 2017 Avanish Karrahe

Helping producers meet efficiency and sustainability goals, FLSmidth has supplied two hydraulic roller press (HRP) systems in finish mode for raw grinding to India-based cement producer Orient Cement for its 3Mtpa greenfield plant in Karnataka.

FLSmidth delivers energy-efficient raw mill grinding technology to Orient Cement, India

The limestone-rich belt of Karnataka in India, where Orient Cement is situated, is home to many cement plants and production processes are heavily influenced by the environmental characteristics of the region. In addition to raw materials that are quite dry with a high grindability, producers need to cope with a scarcity of water.

Under such conditions, an hydraulic roller press (HRP) system is an ideal solution.

Orient Cement’s operational requirements
FLSmidth was awarded the contract by Orient Cement to supply an HRP based on the grounds that the Danish equipment supplier’s industry experience and technological know-how would best support the project’s three most critical objectives: high production performance, high energy efficiency and grinding without adding water.

Head of Projects at Orient Cement Ltd, Shyam Asawa, explains the producer’s choice of HRP system:

“Hydraulic roller press systems are the best choice for the raw materials in our region as the raw materials are quite dry in nature and also have a high grindability. In addition to this we also need to have a waterless operation. This is why we and other cement producers choose HRP systems for raw grinding in this region. Orient Cement Limited chose FLSmidth as its partner to supply the HRP system for raw grinding based on FLSmidth’s brand credibility, industry experience and aftersales service support.”- Shyam Asawa, Head of Projects, Orient Cement Limited

Equipment specifications
The chosen equipment is specified as follows:
• system capacity: 250tph @ 12 per cent residue on 90μm sieve for each of the two systems
• grindability of the raw materials: 12kWh/t at VRM shaft for product residue of 12 per cent on 90μm sieve
• overall feed moisture: four per cent
• unit type: Roller Press HRP 3.0
• HRP dimension: 1920mm dia x 1563mm width
• installed power VFD: (1600kW *2)
• speed of HRP: 2m/s maximum
• grinding pressure limit: 5500kN/m2 (maximum)
• size of static separator: RPGS - 3150
• size of dynamic separator: RARL 40

Low power – zero water consumption
The HRP system was commissioned at Orient Cement in August 2015. Following commissioning, it quickly became apparent that Orient’s objectives would be achieved, with all performance guarantees successfully delivered. In fact, actual production exceeded the intended capacity goal by six per cent – using 15 per cent less power than the guaranteed performance and with zero water consumption.

HRP raw grinding circuit

Addressing producer needs
FLSmidth’s Global Product Line Manager – Hydraulic Roller Press, Avanish Karrahe, comments: “We realise that every producer such as Orient Cement has its particular needs and challenges. That’s why it is important for us to have a strong local presence around the globe, so that when we provide a solution such as the HRP, our customers can make informed decisions based on collective knowledge within the entire FLSmidth organisation.

“FLSmidth continuously upgrades its technology, process knowledge and expertise to provide full lifecycle support that enhances customers’ productivity and helps them to manage risk and environmental impact” - Avanish Karrahe, Global Product Line Manager - Hydraulic Roller Press, FLSmidth

Actual production exceeded the intended capacity target by six per cent

FLSmidth’s most recent HRP raises the bar for efficient design and includes other noticeable improvements in performance.
Important features include:
• solid forged rollers
• optimum diameter/width roller ratio
• spherical roller bearings to accommodate angular misalignments during operations
• oil lubrication for bearing lubrication, cooling and filtering of the oil media
• bearings mounted on withdrawal sleeve for quick, easy and safe removal for maintenance
• efficient and compact dynamic separators with high protection from wear
• compact static separator with efficient coarse separation and high protection from wear.

The combination of these features not only enables the HRP to achieve high energy efficiency but also contributes significantly to a low total cost of ownership, largely due to its ease of operation and minimal maintenance costs.

The solution delivered to Orient Cement Ltd is another example of FLSmidth’s ability to deliver high-performance equipment. As a result, producers can achieve their goals of supplying a high quality product while increasing productivity and reducing operation and maintenance overheads.

Avanish Karrahe



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