OCL India gets its first OK™ mill

December 22, 2015 .M.R.HEBBAR

Operations at OCL India Limited’s cement plant at Midnapore, India have been boosted by the successful commissioning of an OK 42-4 cement mill. Featuring the largest separator ever supplied by FLSmidth, the mill has met or exceeded all grinding circuit performance guarantees.

OK 42-4 mill - OCL India Limited

OCL chose FLSmidth’s OK vertical mill for its new cement grinding unit at the Midnapore plant in West Bengal, India. The OK mill is the only vertical roller mill specifically designed for cement and slag grinding. Its unique design includes many patented features and proven components that make it the most efficient cement and slag mill available. OCL’s mill is equipped with added features to accommodate the plant’s specific requirements.

These features include:
• A twin inlet feed chute for handling dry and high moisture feed materials without plugging
• A separate dry fly ash feeding system for grinding Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC)
• FLSmidth’s proven iron removal system, which minimises wear during grinding of Portland Slag Cement (PSC)

The performance guarantees achieved at Midnapore within capacity, fineness and specific power consumption are typical of FLSmidth’s OK mill best-in-class performance. OCL’s mill produces 212 tph of PSC at 3800 cm²/gm Blaine without the use of grinding aid. Under these conditions, the mill area powerconsumption was 35.2 kWh/tonnes.

Furthermore, OCL’s OK 42-4 has proven to be very flexible in adjusting to changes in the feed composition and granulometry. OCL grinds both PSC and PPC and the mill has demonstrated a seamless ability to accommodate changes to product type within minutes.

Large ROKSH separator
This OK 42-4 mill includes the latest version of FLSmidth’s ROKSH separator. Setting new standards for OK mill separators, the ROKSH separator is the most efficient cement vertical roller mill separator available. It features extremely low power consumption, low wear, and one of the most durable ‘top seals’ in the market.

Read about FLSmidth's OK™ Cement Mill here >



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