New air-to-air heat exchanger design reduces transport costs

June 19, 2014 Peer Hededam

Lower transport costs and shorter installation time are achieved by assembling the new heat exchanger modules in the workshop and transporting them to the construction site in standard containers.

In addition, FLSmidth has redesigned the principal wear parts for the cooling tubes to maintain high availability of the equipment.

The heat exchanger modules have been redesigned to fit into standard containers. Assembling the modules already at the workshop ensures improved quality control and decreases the likelihood of transport damages since the pre-assembled modules are more robust.

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Flexible modular design meets customer requirements

The heat exchanger cools down the clinker cooler excess gases before they enter the bag filter. It is built up of standard modules of 16 by 18 carbon steel tubes, and the number of modules can be varied between 2 and 10. Extension modules can be added at the back depending on process requirements. Cooling air is blown by axial flow fans horizontally across the outer surfaces of the tubes, and the heat exchanger is designed to cool the gases from 500°C to 120°C, or any point within that range.

Main benefits of the new heat exchanger design
• Low power consumption for the cooling fans
• Minimal maintenance requirements
• Proven performance and design (the design is based on more than 30 years’ experience)
• Low initial costs and fast installation on-site with pre-assembled modules
• Future-proof installation that can be extended to handle increases in production.

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