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April 27, 2015 David Dam Olsson

Innovative TRIBOMAX™ wear solution for hydraulic roller presses boosts performance and prolongs roller lifetime.

FLSmidth’s TRIBOMAX™ wear solution is a new roller press wear surface designed specifically to withstand the demanding conditions of grinding clinker, slag and raw mix. Its high resistance to wear and surface overloading prolongs roller lifetime significantly, making it a highly cost-effective solution for roller presses. 

Normal hardfacing rollers are susceptible to premature failure when the hard surface is overloaded by tramp metal or oversized materials. A key property of the TRIBOMAX surface is its extreme toughness, which makes it more durable and significantly less susceptible to damage compared with traditional hardfacing surfaces.

Unique properties
The TRIBOMAX surface is based on known welding technology, but its formulation and constituent components have been especially adapted by FLSmidth to yield outstanding performance. FLSmidth selected the TRIBOMAX wear surface for its rollers after several years of careful research and testing, including the evaluation of 20 different technologies. Not only has it shown outstanding wear properties, but also superior toughness and unprecedented resilience towards hard particles and tramp material.

Reduced total costs
The TRIBOMAX surface is expected to give FLSmidth’s roller press rollers a minimum life of 25,000 hours extending up to 40,000 hours. As TRIBOMAX wear solution is an advanced welding technology utilising high-end material formulations, the purchase cost is higher than traditional hardfacing solutions. However, the TRIBOMAX wear solution is lower priced than most similar high-end solutions.

The durability, flexibility and ease of maintenance of the TRIBOMAX surface make it a highly cost-effective solution with a low total cost of ownership. Due to the flexibility of the welding technology and FLSmidth process knowledge, the surface thickness can be tailored to accommodate specific needs to achieve a specified lifetime.

Compared with traditional hardfacing solutions, which require frequent repairs resulting in downtime, the TRIBOMAX surface requires limited or no repair. In the unlikely event that it becomes damaged, it can be spot repaired in-situ and rollers and sleeves can be refurbished as necessary.

Whereas some solutions are limited in rollersize due to complex manufacturing requirements, our TRIBOMAX surfaces are suitable for all aftermarket applications and can be applied to any rollersize at a short lead time. Rollers having applied TRIBOMAX surfaces can be supplied either as solid rollers or as shrink-fitted solutions that reuse the main shaft, which is an ideal way to reduce the overall cost.

The durability, flexibility and ease of maintenance of the TRIBOMAX surface make it highly cost-effective solution with a low total cost of ownership - David Dam Olsson, Research Engineer, FLSmidth 

What is TRIBOMAX wear solution?
Tribology is the science and engineering of interacting surfaces in relative motion. It includes the study and application of the principles of friction and wear. The name TRIBOMAX is derived from this science. 

The TRIBOMAX wear solution is based on unique plasma transfer arc welding deposit technology. This results in a pure metallurgical composition with fewer impurities, such as cracks and porosities, compared with conventional hardfacing.

The TRIBOMAX surface’s microstructure formulations give it a special ability to achieve a high surface friction and an autogenous wear layer.

An advanced welding method creates a nearly crack-free surface and superior wear protection

TRIBOMAX surface highlights:
•    Longer wear life than traditional hardfacing solutions – more than 25,000 hours
•    One wear solution for cement, slag and raw mix
•    Higher resistance towards tramp material than existing hardfacing solutions
•    Low maintenance and cost-effective
•    Reduced risk of failure
•    Low total cost of ownership

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