How to improve stability and efficiency in a cement plant?

January 30, 2018 Ebrahim Honar

FLSmidth Automation hosted a Process Optimisation seminar in Cairo, Egypt to discuss the latest developments and trends in the field. 

Delegates from 16 cement plants across Egypt – representing more than half of the country’s cement industry – participated in the one-day event, which took place in December 2017. Industry experts presented topics including advanced process control, laboratory automation and quality control. Several case studies were used as examples.

Delegates discussed FLSmidth’s advance process control system, ECS/ProcessExpert ®, which uses comprehensive data collection and intelligent event prioritisation to increase production with lower specific power/fuel consumption and reduced emissions. The direct and indirect benefits of implementing an advanced process control system include operational stability, reduced maintenance costs and lower emissions.

Quality control solutions were also on the agenda, with FLSmidth experts highlighting the potential for up to 60% lower standard deviation of quality targets through the use of QCX/BlendExpert™. The system automates the sampling and analysis of raw materials and additives to give superior raw material chemistry control. Furthermore, stabilised raw meal quality results in reduced wear and maintenance issues.

FLSmidth has more than 40 years of total plant automation and quality control system experience, including over 700 control systems and 450 laboratory/quality automation systems. Following similar events in Pakistan and Denmark, this seminar is part of a series of educational offerings from FLSmidth Automation. Inspiring discussions and sharing insights with the local cement industry is an integral part of FLSmidth’s ambition to develop partnerships and solutions that boost industry productivity and efficiency.

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