Hot Kiln Sampler - The fastest solution to monitor your pyro process

November 11, 2015 Ian T. Campbell

FLSmidth launches a new solution for representative hot material sampling from kiln outlet

There are ever-increasing demands in the cement industry to optimise the burning processes. Cement producers are looking for more reliable representative material sampling and faster feedback control. In response to these demands, FLSmidth has developed a new generation of Hot Kiln Sampler. It is especially designed for representative sampling of hot materials falling from rotary kilns.

An alternative to sampling after cooling and crushing
Improving cement plant performance requires the process to be monitored more closely. One of the areas that can offer a measurable improvement is process sampling, including hot clinker sampling.

The standard clinker sampling point is situated behind the cooling and crushing stages, but the kiln outlet offers faster access to clinker samples. This can be an invaluable asset where less stable pyroprocesses exist and where sampling delays due to cooler retention time limits the burning process control.

A comprehensive solution for fast and safe representative clinker sampling
FLSmidth has recently developed the Hot Kiln Sampler, which can be used for sampling different types of hot granular materials. Featuring robust construction, it has a special sampling spoon made of heat resistant steel permitting use in environments, where temperatures can reach up to 1,400°C.

FLSmidth has extensively tested clinker sample couples collected using both the kiln outlet (Hot Kiln Sampler) and the standard point after the cooling and crushing stages. Chemical and physical comparisons of clinker samples properties have clearly demonstrated the perfect suitability of the Hot Kiln Sampler for representative clinker sampling. The Hot Kiln Sampler includes an advanced forced air cooler that provides equivalent cooling as was evident from the test results.

Evident benefits
• The Hot Kiln Sampler is a robust solution, as was demonstrated during one year of continuous testing.
• 20-40 minutes faster feedback control of product in comparison with sampling behind cooler and crusher.
• Demonstrated suitability of Hot Kiln Sampler for production quality control; it can fully replace traditional after-cooler-and crusher samplers.
• The Hot Kiln Sampler has the widest range of sampled material particle size (up to 40mm), corresponding very well with the particle size range of material flow from kiln.
• Enhanced monitoring of cooler performance, when using a combination of Hot Kiln Sampler and a sampler behind cooling and crushing stages.

Basic technical specifications of the Hot Kiln Sampler
• Particle size of sampled material is 0-40 mm.
• Maximum temperature of sampling point is 1,400°C.
• Sampler capacity at 1,400°C is 1 sample per 15 minutes, at 900°C one sample per four minutes.
• Sample volume 1.2 liters.

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