Fuller-Kinyon® pump achieves ATEX Zone 20 certification

July 10, 2015 FRED WUERTELE

The original Fuller-Kinyon pump patent filed by Alonzo G. Kinyon was granted on June 23, 1925 for a method “by which pulverized fuel or other material may be conveyed cheaply and efficiently without the production of dust and in quantities which can be closely regulated in the same manner that the flow of ordinary liquids is controlled".

The original intent was to replace mechanical and dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems that allow dust to escape, producing explosive atmospheres. Since then, our Fuller-Kinyon (FK) pump has conveyed dozens of abrasive and hard-to-handle materials in over 19,000 installations.

Pumps now built to higher standard
The FK Pump has proven to be reliable; many FK pumps remain in operation after more than 60 years. Moreover, through continuous innovation, it is one of the easiest to operate and most-preferred convey line charging devices. A recent example is achieving ATEX certification. 

ATEX stands for “Atmosphere Explosive” - a European directive for equipment operating in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The pump’s previous design was in accordance with the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) which is widely used for such purposes in the United States. Consequently, European customers can now use FK pumps for applications related to ATEX Directive Zone 20 for handling of pulverized coal and other combustible fuel products. As ATEX is widely recognised as a more stringent standard, customers worldwide also have an improved product.

Certification process
The four-year certification process included a complete analysis of the FK pump design, supplier sourcing and manufacturing practices. All aspects were reviewed and revised as needed to comply with the ATEX standard. Some highlights include: 

•    The pump can now withstand much higher internal pressures to contain an explosion
•    The maximum surface temperature of the pump must not exceed 135°C for full load operation
•    Suppliers must be continually monitored and all critical casing castings must be certified
•    Our Manheim production facility has additional procedures for tracking materials, training manufacturing team, and maintaining records on materials, personnel training, inspections, etc.
•    All details of the ATEX Pump application and project execution must be maintained for 10 years after the final production of the pumps

Upon implementation of the updated design and approach, rigorous testing of a 300 m Type M pump was completed successfully and witnessed by Sira Test & Certification Ltd. of the United Kingdom. Final certification was received early in September 2014.

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