FLSmidth Seminar on ECS/ProcessExpert® systems in Denmark

August 14, 2017

In late June, the third ECS/ProcessExpert® advanced process control seminar attracted 20 participants from 16 plants across Europe and beyond. 

The event provided a forum to exchange ideas regarding ECS/ProcessExpert, FLSmidth’s control and optimization system, as well as to discuss the challenges in current expert system applications. Valuable insight was provided by guest speakers, who shared their experiences and highlighted how ECS/ProcessExpert has been successfully implemented in their projects. The discussion will continue on a LinkedIn page created for participants to share further thoughts and comments. 

FLSmidth Automation’s MD and SVP, Martin Solberg, kicked off proceedings by welcoming participants. In his address, Mr Solberg emphasized the company’s ambition to work closely with customers to create products that increase productivity. He highlighted the benefits of the ECS/ProcessExpert system, which can be tailored to meet individual user requirements and uses advanced expert system techniques such as fuzzy-logic, neural-networks and Model-based Predictive Control to meet the requirements of specific process control issues. The impact on a plant can be significant. For example, in a kiln application, ECS/ProcessExpert can help cement plants achieve production increases of 3 – 5% and fuel savings of 2 – 4%, while mill applications can achieve 3 – 6% increases in productivity and 3 – 6% energy savings. John Lykke, Head of Europe, Middle East and North Africa for the Automation division, reinforced this message in his presentation and stated the company’s intention to ‘listen louder’ to customers. 
The customers themselves then took over, with papers delivered by guest speakers on a range of topics. The first discussed how industry is changing with regards to digitization. Industry 4.0 presents a wealth of opportunities for the cement industry to increase productivity and reduce downtime. The next presenter shared his company’s experiences with the Phase 1 expert system project and the partnership with FLSmidth. Further insights were provided by two more guest speakers, on the use of ECS/ProcessExpert for alternative fuel control and QCX/BlendExpert V8 to improve raw meal quality controls, respectively. Customers also spoke about the PlantLine service agreement, praising its 24/7 availability, thanks to which users are able to increase productivity, bring down costs and reduce downtime.
Following these presentations, training was offered to bring participants up-to-date with the new product features, after which there was time for discussion of the challenges companies face in an automation context and an opportunity to talk over these challenges with FLSmidth experts, including:
Mr. Joju Jacob, Department Manager, Automation Customer Services.
Mr. King Becerra, Global Product Line Manager.
Mrs. Bodil Recke, Department Manager, Process Control and Optimisation.
Mr. Torsten Jensen, Technical Manager, ECS/ProcessExpert.
Mr. Javier P Merino, R&D Engineer.
Finally, the group debated the future demands on automation technology, giving FLSmidth the opportunity to truly ‘listen louder’ to customer’s needs. 
More information about the ECS/ProcessExpert product can be found on FLSmidth's website at

Joju Josy Jacob

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