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June 1, 2015 Mette Dobel

The newest version of FLSmidth’s QCX® automation software is the cement industry’s most operator-friendly sample preparation system.

FLSmidth has released a new version of its QCX/AutoSamplingTM and QCX/RoboLab® software, marking a major leap forward in laboratory automation solutions. This version 8 release offers significantly improved usability for plant operators and maintenance personnel.

A focused research and development programme using feedback from FLSmidth’s extensive installed base has resulted in better integration of sampling equipment, sample preparation equipment and the software. This integration is important as it provides better system availability and minimises operational costs. 

Improved usability
Mette Dobel, Global Product Manager at FLSmidth explains the objectives behind the development of the new software.

“Our aim has been to create the most operator and maintenance-friendly sampling and sample preparation system for the cement and minerals industries.” - Mette Dobel, Global Product Manager, FLSmidth

Operators can configure the software as necessary to suit their work processes, with its intuitive user interfaces able to provide a complete overview of the automated laboratory, the sampling system and the analysis results. Standard tasks, including preparing sample preparation recipes and tracking samples and results, can be performed quickly and easily.

New software standards
According to Mette Dobel, the software is developed based on the new QCXSYS V8 programming standard, which allows for seamless integration with QCX equipment and the QCX software. 

“Consequently, all FLSmidth sampling, sample transport and sample preparation equipment is delivered with transparent, uniform and comprehensive equipment diagnostic tools combined with relevant equipment performance indicators,” she says. “This reduces the need for specialised knowledge to operate and maintain the equipment and enables maintenance personnel to plan and conduct preventive maintenance in a fast and direct manner with the required wear part.” 

The launch of this new software is the result of six months of industrial testing at four major production sites. 

About FLSmidth’s QCX® software
QCX is a software system used by cement plant operators to support their quality control procedures. Its purpose is to deliver reliable data from sampling, sample preparation and analysis. 

FLSmidth’s QCX system integrates all of these key activities into an intuitive system architecture that improves laboratory automation and on-line analysis.

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