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January 26, 2015 Anilkumar Mukundan

My Home Industries (MHIL) is a joint venture between My Home Group and CRH plc, an Irish building materials conglomerate with 3,500 locations spread across 33 countries.

From three manufacturing units located in Melacheruvu in the Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh, MHIL produces 3.3 million tons of cement per annum. Another unit, Sree Jayajothi Cement – SJCL, in the Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh produces 3.2 million tons per annum. To meet increasing demand for cement in domestic and international markets, MHIL has also set up a cement grinding unit at Mulkapalli in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh with a capacity of 2.0 million tons of cement per annum.

FLSmidth won an order for the modernisation of MHIL’s Line II pyroprocessing unit, which consists of a six-stage ILC PH tower and a CIS-CFG cooler. This plant was supplied, constructed and commissioned by FLSmidth in 2002. After analysing MHIL’s requirements, FLSmidth provided a cost and time-efficient solution to meet MHIL’s upgrade objectives. Major objectives of this upgrade were increased clinker production and technology upgrades to reduce power and fuel consumption. FLSmidth’s intention is to provide effective, engineered systems to meet customer requirements by using the best quality products.

MHIL already had an SF™ Cross-Bar® cooler 2 X 4 in its Line I. MHIL had been very satisfied with the SF Cross-Bar cooler’s performance over the last five years and wanted to use the ‘best’ in cooling technology at its Line II upgrade. FLSmidth engineered a system by modifying the cyclones 1, 2 and 4 with new preheater fans, new Cross-Bar 10X37 cooler and a new modular frame heavy-duty roller breaker (HRB). The system also included the new RABH & RABH fan, modifications to the bag house and kiln main drive.

The project was completed in three phases. Phase I included a new Cross-Bar cooler with new HRB. Phase II includes a new RABH and RABH fan, and Phase III includes cyclone, calciner and kiln drive modification along with a new preheater fan.

The Phase I modification has been in operation since January 2014 and the customer is satisfied with all the major benefits that the upgrade has delivered:
•    Clinker production at 2550 TPD
•    10-12 Kcal/Kgcl savings in fuel consumption
•    Cooler maintenance shutdowns decreased drastically since the upgrade
•    No major spare parts changed during this period
•    No HRB maintenance shutdown in last eight months
•    Mechanical HRB motor power drawn is less compared to the conventional crusher.

Phase II is expected to be completed by December 2014 and Phase III before the middle of 2015. MHIL is satisfied with the Phase I modification and placed two more orders with FLSmidth in 2013 for the Jayajothi unit (new Cross-Bar cooler with HRB and PH modification) and two orders in 2014 for Line I (coal mill and PH modification).

The conditions before and after modification

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