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April 16, 2015 Mette Nimb

NLSupervision Egypt is preparing its future leaders by launching a new CADET programme for young engineer graduates to prepare them for a career in the cement industry.

The new programme called 'CADET' was initiated by NLSupervision Egypt after identifying a need for creating a talent pipeline for the next generation of managers not only for NLSupervision Egypt, but also for other companies in the NLSupervision family, the FLSmidth Group and in the cement industry as a whole. 

“At this stage in the development of NLS Egypt we need to focus on people development to ensure we have the people needed to grow NLS business in Egypt and abroad. The CADET programme for young engineering graduates is an effective tool to create a continuous pipeline of talent who will be trained to NLS standards who can fill vacancies created by transferring experienced engineers and managers take on leadership positions for new projects.”  - Salem Sousou, Managing Director, NLSupervision Egypt

A tailor-made training plan
The CADET programme has a time frame of 10 months. The CADETs will follow a training plan specified by the five departments they will work for (Production, Quality Control, Electrical, Mechanical and Preventive Maintenance). The training consists of technical training through classroom and on the job training, rotation, and special assignments, in addition to experiencing our cultural and company values. For the class room training the program draws on the very successful Helwan University FLSmidth Cement Diploma programme plan and materials developed by NLS Egypt and FLSmidth training institute. The aim is to provide Cadets with an extensive knowledge of cement operation and maintenance using our industry expertise. Each CADET will have a dedicated mentor who is responsible for guiding and empowering the CADET engineer through their training cycle. 

First plant day

NLSupervision was very selective in its hiring criteria; 600+ resumes were received and screened, and a shortlist was filtered through behavioural and technical interviews. Finally, 8 young engineers (mechanical, electrical and chemical) from different accredited universities joined the NLSupervision family.

The future
When the CADETs have completed the programme, they will be able to apply for the vacancies, and openings in the office and on the plants.

•    8 CADETs started their year training in NLSupervision Egypt on January 1st 2015
•    600+ young graduates applied to be a CADET 
•    The training will last till October 2015 and consist of class and on-site training
•    NLSupervision Egypt recruits the CADETs from 
-    American University in Cairo 
-    German University in Cairo
-    Cairo University
-    Helwan University
-    Ain Shams University
-    MUST Misr University for Science and Technology

The first 8 CADETs will graduate from NLSupervision, Egypt, in October 2015. 

Read more about our partnership with the Helwan University here >> 

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