Breakthrough in cyclone technology

March 19, 2018 Alexander Tokman

Leading the way as the next generation of top-stage cyclone technology, FLSmidth's Counter Current Cyclone (CCX) successfully demonstrates its ability to make the preheating process more economical and productive at Ivano-Frankivskcement.

With cement production in Ukraine rising steadily, Ivano-Frankivskcement, based in Yamnytsia, Ukraine is reaping production benefits by being the first plant to commission the new Counter Current Cyclone (CCX) preheater system on one of its production lines.

Impressive results
The relationship between the Ukraine-based plant and FLSmidth has spanned almost twenty years, including two production lines at the plant commissioned by FLSmidth in 2008 and 2014. The plant had already installed the precursor Down Draft Cyclone (DDX) in a successful upgrade project in 2015, and was therefore keen on commissioning the CCX on one of its production lines.

The new CCX at Ivano-Frankivskcement has currently been in operation for almost 23 months and delivered impressive results. Industrial tests show that production has been increased by approximately 6-8 percent and the heat exchange has been improved by a factor of 1.8. Mykola Makoviichuk, Production Director at Ivano-Frankivskcement comments:

“The new cyclone at our plant is a considerable breakthrough in the cement industry, and we are proud to be the first to install one. When we saw reduced pressure losses of 40-50 percent, we were pleasantly shocked!" - Mykola Makoviichuk, Production Director at Ivano-Frankivskcement

He adds, “This cyclone has the equivalent effect of 1.8 standard cyclones, which meant we could reduce one section of the preheater, ultimately reducing construction costs.”

The CCX top cyclone explained
Conventional cyclones separate dust from gas, but unlike the conventional types, the CCX combines heat exchange and separation into one process. As a result, not only is heat transfer improved, but meal exits the cyclone at a higher temperature than the exit gas. This guarantees reduced net heat consumption of 8-10 kcal/kg clinker along with a 50 percent pressure drop compared with a conventional cyclone of the same size.

The CCX’s improved heat transfer efficiency means it is often possible to reduce the number of cyclone stages. For example, a four-stage preheater will often be possible instead of a five-stage preheater, resulting in lower structural and installation expenses.

A special feature is the gas outlet duct installed at the bottom of the CCX cone. This prevents the cyclone from being filled with dust from a blocked meal outlet pipe. This allows a much larger cyclone to be installed, resulting in a lower pressure drop across the cyclone.

Due to the CCX's improved heat transfer efficiency, it is often possible to reduce the number of cyclones, resulting in lower structural and installation expenses.

Low-cost, fast installation
For new preheater projects, the CCX will decrease the initial cost of the preheater structure and installation time. In existing preheater towers, the acting loads on the structure usually limit installation of larger top-stage cyclones than originally installed. However, due to its lightweight design, the CCX is well suited for such upgrades. For plant owners, this means the ability to boost preheater operation at a lower cost.

I want to thank FLSmidth for their collaboration on this upgrade project. Their new CCX is far ahead of anything else on the market and enables us to increase our outputs. We are very happy with the results.” -  Mykola Makoviichuk, Production Director at Ivano-Frankivskcement

Following the success of the first installation of the CCX, Ivano-Frankivskcement contracted FLSmidth to supply a new production line and requested the CCX top-stage cyclone based on the excellent experience with the first one installed. It went into production in December 2017.

Alexander Tokman

Carsten Damslund Jensen

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