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May 10, 2017 KING BECERRA

New FLSmidth ECS/PlantDataManagement software helps plant operators to transform process and quality data into actionable information.

Today FLSmidth has released the ECS/PlantDataManagement software, a comprehensive management information system specifically designed for the cement and minerals industries. It aims to integrate all process and quality information islands, making critical real-time plant data available to the people who need it the most at operational, management and executive levels. ECS/PlantDataManagement enables smarter business decision-making and improved profits and productivity. 

System setup and configuration is quick and easy. The standard solution package bundles all required components, including predefined mimics, standard report templates and dashboards, which means ECS/PlantDataManagement can start providing information with minimum effort. The system can also be customised to suit the exact needs of each user. ECS/PlantDataManagement is part of the FLSmidth Expert Control and Supervision suite of products focused on the operation and optimisation of processes in cement and minerals plants.

Powerful data-driven dashboards
Real-time and historical user-friendly dashboards are available to any user through the ECS/PlantDataManagement portal. The dashboard summarises real-time and historical data, allowing users to identify opportunity areas and drive incremental continuous improvements. Users can track and monitor the performance and health of the plant by reporting on KPIs and different plant metrics.

Standard and customisable reports
With ECS/PlantDataManagement, plant managers and engineers can produce all required reports with just one touch. Automatic reports can be scheduled for defined times, from every minute to every hour, shift, day, week, month or year. A number of standard reports are included with initial setup: production, process, quality, alarms and events, and more.

However, every user needs very specific information to ensure each area of the plant works at optimal efficiency. ECS/PlantDataManagement provides customised reporting, covering the needs of all users.

A real-time and historical ECS/PlantDataManagement dashboard

Open solution and integration with BI systems
ECS/PlantDataManagement stores the data in an open structure. This means any standard and common reporting tool can be used to access the data. The system is capable of being integrated with any Business Intelligence solution for the purpose of data consolidation and visualisation.

Designed for today’s challenges
FLSmidth recognises that the need for data to inform decisions is real and immediate. ECS/PlantDataManagement users can gather data and benefit from enhanced insights in a matter of days following the systems installation. Payback time is minimal. 

"User-friendliness, easy setup and quick configuration is paramount in a modern management information system. ECS/PlantDataManagement allows plant staff to transform operational data into actionable information in minimum time." -  King Becerra, Global Product Line Manager at FLSmidth Automation

Advantages of ECS/PlantDataManagement
•    A system designed for the cement and minerals industry.
•    Standard process, quality and production reports.
•    Ensures all essential information is in the right place, for up to ten years.
•    Open to any Microsoft reporting tool and any Business Intelligence system for data consolidation and visualisation.
•    Data substitution for faulty or offset instrumentation.
•    Minimum setup and configuration time.
•    Automatic catch-up process to guarantee that no data is lost.


King Becerra


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